Sunday, May 1, 2011

London, 30 april 2011

My husband Idar and i went for our now ''annual'' anniversary trip to London again yesterday! We were married 24 april 2008, and since our daughter Ivy Scarlet was born in march 2009, we decided to start our annual holiday trip last year.  Last year, being that it was the first time, we were confused, sore, frustrated, but still happy because London is such a wonderful city!!! This year was different! we knew what we missed last time, and planned it out..that included Idar spending over 3 hours on google maps trying to sort out our tube routes, etc.  It worked out perfectly! We hit CAMDEN MARKET and spent about 3 hours there.  By the way..we were in London just for the day.  Ryainair has a great deal--fly out of Rygge/Moss airport Norway (just 10 minutes from where we live) to London..come back the same day, and it costs about $40 total, round trip for 2 people.  Long story short, we haggled with some eccentric romanian goths on t-shirts and sweaters,
I found a Koffin Kats t-shirt at this tiny shop some dude who used to play with THE METEORS..(koffin kats are from Detroit! good ol' pals from some years back!) and to find a KK tshirt in London at some thrifty rockabilly shop, well, it turned into a long conversation with the bloke who was working.  good times.
The highlight of our trip, aside from just roaming around London with my beautiful husband, was this incredible vegan restaurant we had lunch at! Vantra.  It's in SoHo.  I had researched vegan joints-stores and restaurants-on the happy cow site and we ended up settling on Vantra.  I have been vegetarian for 12 years.  Well, for 1 year i fell off the wagon and ate a little meat during the time i was pregnant with Ivy and some time after, but I decided to just go back but this time, vegan it was.  After yesterday, I have decided to do the raw vegan thing..I've experienced raw vegan cuisine while I lived in Lansing, MI. at a great place called Magdalena's Tea House, but now, I'm fully convinced to try and do it.  I felt wonderful after eating that delicious food yesterday!
here's the link to the site:

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